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Bringing Diversity and Inclusion to Life at Wells Fargo Advisors

The WIM Diverse Client Segments team works across Wells Fargo Advisors to partner and drive strategy with a singular goal: position the firm as the wealth management firm of choice for clients, financial advisors, employees and business leaders from diverse backgrounds and communities. When the team was formed in 2017 it represented a first among major firms: a business development unit wholly focused on supporting and advocating for the changing faces of wealth in the United States.

The Diverse Client Segments team is committed to:

  • Empower advisors to engage and grow their business with diverse clients
  • Attract, develop and retain diverse financial advisors and promote diverse teaming
  • Promote diverse representation in leadership
  • Create an inclusive, thriving environment for all employees.

Our goal is to provide solutions, tools and marketing materials as diverse and broad as the clients we support; at this time we provide client-facing support for the following communities:

  • Women
  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino
  • Veterans

In addition to empowering business growth within diverse client markets, the team also works closely within firm-wide initiatives to support diverse financial advisors and employees. Key programs in place today promote inclusion and provide targeted support for those advisors and managers who identify as: