Estate planning is about more than transferring your assets upon death. Your estate plan also helps protect your financial security during your lifetime. It helps provide confidence that important financial, personal, and medical issues can be handled by someone you trust without unnecessary delay, even in critical times involving illness, disability, or death. It is essential to review your plan periodically to ensure it remains current given any significant changes (i.e., births, deaths, state or federal law, state residency) in your situation.

This material is intended to be informative and educational in nature. Wells Fargo Advisors does not provide legal, accounting, or tax advice. When legal, accounting, or tax advice is required, you should consult an appropriate, competent professional. Any estate plan should be reviewed by an attorney who specializes in estate planning and is licensed to practice law in your state.

This presentation is based on internal and external sources that are considered reliable; however, the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed.

Wells Fargo Advisors’ view is that investment decisions should be based on investment merit, not solely on tax considerations. The effects of taxes are critical factors in achieving a desired after-tax return on your investments. You should direct specific questions on taxes, as they relate to your situation, to your tax advisor.

The tax information contained in this presentation is based on current tax and IRS regulations, which may be subject to changes in the future.

Regardless of estate size, everyone needs an effective estate plan. A comprehensive estate plan is essential, and state laws vary and continue to change.

The strategies discussed may not be suitable for your personal situation, even if it is similar to the examples presented. Investors should make their own decisions based on their specific investment objectives and financial circumstances. It should not be assumed that the recommendations made in these situations achieved any of the goals mentioned. These examples are hypothetical and do not represent any specific investments or strategies.

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