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Working with a Financial Advisor 101

When it comes to the important things in life, you turn to a professional. That’s why you have a doctor, a dentist, and maybe even a lawn care professional. Which begs the question: What’s more important than working toward your long-term financial goals? Not much. That’s why so many individuals turn to a Financial Advisor. If you’ve never worked with a Financial Advisor before, here’s help with getting started.

Finding and working with a Financial Advisor

How to Evaluate How Well You Work With Your Financial Advisor

How do you know if you and your Financial Advisor are working well together to help achieve all your financial objectives? Ask yourself these five questions to evaluate the health of your relationship with your Financial Advisor.

How to Find a Financial Advisor

Do you think you could benefit from working with a Financial Advisor? Has a change in your life prompted a need for financial guidance or an update to your investment plan?

How to Select a Financial Advisor

Deciding to involve a Financial Advisor in your investment strategy is a pivotal step toward managing your future — but how do you pick one?

How to Get Started Working With Your Financial Advisor

Selecting a Financial Advisor whose background and experience you trust is an important step in your financial life, but how do you work with a Financial Advisor?

Are You on Track With Your Financial Goals?

Find out why 90% of Envision® plan holders agree their plan will allow them to be able to retire on their own terms.*

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