Employee Retirement Plan Services

Establishing & Managing Employee Retirement Plans

Whether you're a human resources manager, an owner of a closely held business or self-employed, establishing and managing a retirement plan is critical for the future of the business, your employees and yourself.

A wide range of employee retirement plans
Types of employee retirement plans
Our retirement plan services for businesses

A Wide Range of Employee Retirement Plans

With a wide range of employee retirement plans to choose from, finding the right retirement plan for your business can be confusing. Factors you should consider when selecting an employee retirement plan include:

  • Tax benefits for the business
  • Administration expenses
  • Level of difficulty in implementation
  • Reporting requirements
  • Benefits for employees
  • Types of contributions (e.g., employer-funded, employee salary deferral, etc.)
  • Which employees will benefit (all employees, key/select, older, etc.)

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Types of Employee Retirement Plans

Regardless of the type of organization -- whether a corporation, partnership, S corporation, sole proprietorship or LLC -- a variety of employee retirement plan alternatives are available to you, including:

  • Defined benefit plan
  • Owner-only 401(k)
  • Profit sharing plan
  • 401(k) (traditional or safe harbor)
  • Cash Balance plans

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Our Retirement Plan Services for Businesses

Based on the needs of your company and its employees, we can help you determine which employee retirement plans your business is eligible for as well as work with you and your professional tax and legal advisors to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of your available choices. Our retirement plan services can also help you evaluate:

  • Plans that help meet your organization's needs
  • Plan administrators to handle the day-to-day record keeping and administration for the plan
  • Investment structures that can offer your participants a variety of investment alternatives

We can also provide you a complimentary Plan Design Analysis.

Contact your Financial Advisor for more information about employee retirement plans and our retirement plan services.

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