Independent Advisor

Transitioning to Independence

Going independent doesn’t mean you are going it alone. Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network’s transition team helps with all aspects of your move to independence from helping you select space, move accounts to build your brand the way you want.

Declare your independence

As an Independent Financial Advisor, you will have the opportunity to build your business while still being associated with our firm. This structure gives you the best of both worlds – the resources, support and product platform of one of the largest and most respected financial firms in the country, as well as the freedom to run your business the way you see fit.

This commitment to independent business ownership, along with full-service brokerage-level resources, products and support happens within our Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network (FiNet) business model. This model allows you to own your client relationships and maintain control over how you work for those clients, while tapping into the power of Wells Fargo Advisors.

Joining FiNet will give you access to the products your clients need to meet their financial goals, as well as the tools and level of support that far outpaces the rest of the industry, you need to grow your practice’s AUM and revenue. Of course, you can leverage as much or as little of the Wells Fargo Advisors’ support services and branding elements as you wish.

We have established a healthy track record of growth, and have even created bonus programs designed to help strengthen the client loyalty of our Financial Advisors and accelerate the growth of their practices, including hiring additional Financial Advisors.

If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, we can simplify your decision to become an Independent Financial Advisor with our proven transition support model, where we provide the support, guidance and service you need at every stage of the transition process. We will help you with every aspect of opening your practice and moving your clients to Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.

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