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Our clients lead the way

“Helping clients succeed financially” is not just a phrase from a mission statement. It is what you will do each day as a Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors.

Explore the stories below to gain an understanding of how an advisor can have a positive impact on their clients’ lives.

Meet Randy and Elizabeth

Randy and Elizabeth are some of your best clients. You’ve been their advisor for several years and are looking forward to continue helping them manage their investments.

Year 5

You set up your annual check-in meeting with Randy and Elizabeth to discuss how things are going currently. They have some thoughts on how to optimize their current plan.

Randy and Elizabeth have always appreciated how the culture of Wells Fargo Advisors shows up in your relationship with them. You know how they feel — the culture is a big reason why you’re at Wells Fargo Advisors, too.

The client and advisor-centric culture at Wells Fargo Advisors has been ingrained in our DNA since 1852. You can see what we believe at the push of a button.

We are...

Main Street


Wall Street


Year 8

Randy and Elizabeth have had their first baby! It’s an exciting time for them and you as the three of you begin deciding the best way to evolve their investment strategies to plan for a college education.

But before you meet with them, you choose to seek advice from a more senior advisor. There are various coaching programs within Wells Fargo Advisors to ensure Financial Advisors always have someone to turn to in order to serve their clients better.

Year 19

Randy’s health is starting to falter. Unplanned medical bills and the worry that Randy now won’t be able to work as long as he planned are combining to create an uncertain future. Also, their daughter starts college in only a few years…

You chose to consult information from one of the top-flight research resources available to Financial Advisors. Their advice allows you to make an informed recommendation for dealing with these new challenges in your clients’ lives.

Year 26

Randy’s health scare is a distant memory. Now, both he and Elizabeth are close to retirement. They feel their long-term investment plans are on track, but want to discuss a short-term strategy to save for their daughter’s upcoming wedding!

It was a beautiful ceremony and you feel the relationship you forged with both of her parents, as well as the sterling reputation of Wells Fargo Advisors make it likely you may have two new clients soon…

Playing such a critical role in clients’ lives is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a Financial Advisor.

But it’s only the beginning – talk to a recruiter to discover more reasons why this could be your ideal career.

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