Diversity and Inclusion In Action

When you join Wells Fargo Advisors, you are joining a company that has made it a real priority to create and foster an environment where diversity and inclusion are the norm, not the exception.

Making a Difference

You will immediately notice we don’t just talk about change, but work tirelessly to enact it. A genuine commitment to diversity and inclusion means taking genuine action towards those goals every day.

  • Developed the first ever Barron’s Top Advisors Diversity summit, a conference of elite-tier advisors selected for attendance based on criteria that ranks them among the top 10% of advisors of diversity within their firms. Attendees of the 2013 Barron's Diversity Summit were nominated for being ranked among the top 10% of advisors of diversity within their firms. Investment performance is not an explicit component.
  • Foster the exchange of ideas by hosting annual summits, such as the Accredited Domestic Partnership Advisor Summit, Black/African American Summit and the Women's Summit.
  • Since 1998, extended the same benefits to domestic partners of team members as we do to spouses of team members.
  • Established the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council, a dedicated group of team leaders charged with developing, championing and executing diversity and inclusion programs and policies.

In The Community

Wells Fargo Advisors reaches out to diverse communities in a variety of ways – from hosting community events to developing educational programs. Such outreach fosters meaningful dialogue between the firm and our clients.

  • In 2016, Wells Fargo contributed $281.3 million to more than 14,900 nonprofits.
  • Since 2012, Wells Fargo LIFT programs have provided $327 million in down payment assistance to 12,900 low-income homeowners.
  • In 2016, Wells Fargo donated $15.6 million to support nonprofits, universities, and community organizations focused on environmental sustainability, clean technology, environmental education, and strengthening community resiliency.
  • Wells Fargo Advisors has participated in hundreds of Pride parades, including appearances by the Wells Fargo Stagecoach.

Team Member Networks

You will have the opportunity to join one (or more) of our ten Team Member Networks (TMN), consisting of individuals who come together because of a shared background, experience or other affiliation. Every TMN is different, but they do have many shared goals:

  • Promote awareness, acceptance and value of the groups who make up the Team Member Networks.
  • Connect the larger community with Wells Fargo Advisors and the individual Team Member Networks.
  • Host events and speaker engagements of particular interest to their members.
  • Educate on the best ways to reach and serve diverse market segments.
  • Celebrate and promote the values of diversity and inclusion inside Wells Fargo Advisors.