Rerouting is just another word for back on course

Our strategists explain why you should consider rebalancing your portfolio now.

After a decade-long expansion, the market still looks bullish.

So, given these conditions, why would you consider rebalancing your portfolio?

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The market’s performance over time, or even changes in your life, can cause a portfolio to drift away from your intended asset allocation—sometimes by quite a large margin.

In The Importance of Rebalancing report, you’ll see that while your allocation without rebalancing over the last few years may have ultimately had a higher return, it also may have had a much greater associated risk. During uncertain times like these, it only makes sense to get your portfolio back in line and tracking to your goals.

Now is the perfect time to sit down with your financial advisor to determine whether your investments are still positioned to reach your financial objectives.

The report can be a valuable resource to help guide your discussions.

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