Ask the Institute

The Wells Fargo Investment Institute series of “Ask the Institute” reports addresses questions investors are asking.

How Much Cash Should I Hold in My Portfolio?

Cash alternatives (“cash”) can fill several needs for investors, although they should not be viewed as a primary, long-term investment.

Behavioral Finance

You should understand the roles psychology and emotions can play in your investment decision-making. That’s where behavioral finance comes in.

Understanding Asset Location

It’s important to understand the difference between asset location and asset allocation and how using them together can affect investment performance.

Being Strategic With Liabilities

It’s often a good idea to include credit services and solutions in an investment strategy.

Risk Tolerance

Understanding how to determine your risk tolerance is an important early step in investment planning.

Portfolio Performance

When evaluating the performance of your portfolio, there are three sets of statistics that are important to consider: return, risk and how closely your portfolio tracks to your investment plan.

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