Asia Drives for Stability

China, Japan, and South Korea may present international investors with opportunities, but there are challenges to overcome.

October 2017

What Might the Future Hold for East Asia?

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Today, China, Japan, and South Korea are three dynamic economies, each seeking stable growth. All three are grappling with aging demographics and the potential threat posed by North Korean nuclear weapons.

What might this mean for international investors? Recently, Paul Christopher and Sean Lynch, experienced international strategists with Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII), travelled to Beijing, Tokyo, and Seoul to see for themselves.

The new “Asia Drives for Stability” report, which is based on what the strategists discovered during their visit, addresses key questions including:

  • How will these countries’ aging populations affect economic growth, and what could that mean for markets?
  • How might improving corporate governance, competition in innovation, and changing market compositions produce new investment opportunities?
  • How might investors prepare for potential market volatility resulting from a nuclear-armed North Korea?

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