U.S. Midterm Elections

What’s at stake for investors in the U.S. midterm elections on November 6? Get our analysis on key issues, potential outcomes and how markets may react.

November 2018

What a Divided Congress May Mean for Investors

We believe a divided government should lessen the likelihood of market-impacting legislation.

November 2018

Midterms and Markets—Time to Refocus on Fundamentals

Investors should avoid making investment changes based purely on fears or speculation following election outcomes.

October 2018

All About the Midterms

The midterm elections feature many close races that will determine the balance of power in Congress.

November 2018

2018 Midterm Elections Investor Call Replay

Wells Fargo Investment Institute hosted a special call discussing the November 6 midterm election outcomes and the likely implications for policy and markets.

September 2018

2018 Midterm Elections – What’s at Stake for Investors

Voters’ key issues include trade, government spending and taxes, immigration, economic policy and regulation, and some of the president’s positions.

August 2018

Policy, Politics & Portfolios: Turnout and Trade

Republicans are facing an uphill battle to hold both the House and Senate. Progress has been made on the North American Free Trade Agreement.

August 2018

Paying America’s Bills

Find out what Wells Fargo Investment Institute strategists think investors need to know about how the U.S. government manages it finances.

July 2018

Policy, Politics & Portfolios: Looking Ahead to the Midterm Elections

While trade and geopolitics may be receiving most of the headlines, attention is turning to Washington and the upcoming midterm elections.