The New Tax Law

Tax-planning strategies, plus analysis from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on what the new law may mean for investors.

The new tax law encompasses the most comprehensive tax reform in 30 years. Learn more about how it may impact your tax situation and the effect it could have on the economy and markets.

Help with tax planning strategies

Information on key provisions in the new law affecting taxation on individuals and small businesses.

Key provisions of 2017 tax reform (PDF) – (12/22/17) See a comprehensive overview of the new tax law changes, potential impact and planning considerations.

What it may mean for investors

Analysis from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on what tax reform may mean for financial markets and recommendations investors may want to consider.

Q&A—Market Implications of Tax Reform – (12/27/17) What conclusions should investors draw?

A New Look from the Brink of Historic Tax Reform – (12/18/17) Latest developments, what’s next, and what is the timing?