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Wells Fargo Investment Institute Looks at Government Policies’ Impact on Investors

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Each year, many governments across the globe enact new fiscal, monetary, regulatory, and trade policies that may affect the financial markets. While any one policy may not have much of an impact, taken together they can make it difficult for investors to determine what the future may hold. And in the end, isn’t that a key component of successful investing?

To better understand what’s happening now and what may be ahead, read the “Policies of Change: Guiding Principles That May Help Shape the Global Economy” report from Wells Fargo Investment Institute (WFII). It addresses four key questions:

  • What are today’s predominant policy trends?
  • How does policy affect economic growth?
  • How do geopolitical risks affect policies (and markets)?
  • What policy developments is WFII monitoring most closely?

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