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Investing with a Purpose

Learn how investors might align their portfolios with their principles.

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During periods of market uncertainty, now is an appropriate time to evaluate your portfolio. If you are looking more closely to align your portfolio with your principles, you may want to think about a discipline broadly known as sustainable investing.

In the new report “Sustainable Investing – Investing with a Purpose,” Wells Fargo Investment Institute explores the many facets of sustainable investing. The report addresses issues such as:

  • Does sustainable investing trade profit for principle?
  • What environmental, social, and governance criteria appeal to today’s investors?
  • How do investors adopt a sustainable investing approach that reflects their goals?

The report also outlines challenges and trends for sustainable investors in the years ahead.

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Now may be an excellent time to sit down with your Financial Advisor to discuss sustainable investing or whether your portfolio is aligned with your goals.

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An investment’s social policy could cause it to forego opportunities to gain exposure to certain industries, companies, sectors or regions of the economy which could cause it to underperform similar investments that do not operate under a social policy. Risks associated with investing in ESG-related strategies can also include a lack of consistency in approach and a lack of transparency in manager methodologies. A socially responsible investing style may shift in and out of favor. All investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal.

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