Tomorrow’s Technology: Dawn of the intelligence revolution

Get insights about capitalizing on the next industrial revolution from Wells Fargo Investment Institute strategists.

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Wells Fargo Investment Institute believes that we are near the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution—a revolution in intelligence. Massive increases in computing power; the growing use of robotics; and the developments in artificial intelligence and machine learning all characterize this revolution.

The introduction of new technologies can provide tremendous growth opportunities for investors, but it can also bring greater risks. The report, “Tomorrow’s Technology,” addresses topics that include:

  • What does Wells Fargo Investment Institute believe are four key drivers of change in the 21st century?
  • How might transformative technology create value for investors?
  • How might these drivers create competitive advantages for businesses?

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Now may be an excellent time to sit down with your Financial Advisor to determine whether your investments have you on track toward your investment goals. Even though many businesses are being disrupted, we believe the basic principles of investing—including diversification and long-term asset allocation strategies—remain intact.

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