Wells Fargo Advisors Solutions’ Advantages

  • Your Financial Advisors get to know you and understand your financial goals before you invest.
  • Our team helps you manage your financial needs with simplified investment planning and tailored advice and recommendations.
  • Our extended hours make it easy for you to reach us when you need us.

Tailored advice and recommendations

Understanding your life, your family, your dreams, and your goals is where we start – then we we’ll talk about your plans for growing your money and planning for retirement. We’ll build an ongoing relationship with you through detailed conversations because we recognize that the better we know you, the better we can serve you.

We’ll build an ongoing relationship with you through detailed conversations because we recognize that the better we know you, the better we can serve you.

Through the years and throughout life’s many changes, we’ll be here to guide you. As your financial needs grow and become more complex, we’ll make sure we give you the right resources and help you manage your full financial picture by connecting with our broader team of Wells Fargo partners and ongoing communications including newsletters and reports.

Our recommended investment menu has been selected by the Wells Fargo Investment Institute. We use consistent and comprehensive assessment tools to help you determine which investment alternatives are the best fit for your financial goals and needs.

Simplified investment planning suited to your individual needs

Every investor’s story is unique, and every investor’s story changes over time. It all starts with getting to know and understand who you are, what your goals look like, and where you want to go financially.

Before you invest, we adapt to your level of investing experience and preferred level of involvement in decision making and we’re committed to helping you understand every decision and action we take together.

During your annual reviews, in simple terms, we’ll concentrate on how your investments are meeting your objectives, discuss major changes and life events (e.g. marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, inheritance, new job), and address any adjustments needed to keep your investment plan on track. Ideally, we’ll talk throughout the year as often as you want, remaining agile enough to change course as appropriate.

Next steps

  • Take the time to assess what your saving and investing goals are and write them down.
  • Think about what’s most important to you in terms of investment advice. Do you prefer frequent communication and guidance, or periodic contact?
  • Be prepared to discuss what your life looks like now and how you hope it will take shape over time.

Wells Fargo Investment Institute, Inc. is a registered investment advisor and wholly-owned subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company and provides investment advice to Wells Fargo Advisors and other Wells Fargo affiliates.

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