Tailored Investment Planning Solutions for Same-Sex Couples and Domestic Partners

Every legislative action that affects domestic partnerships has the potential to impact your unique financial situation and investment goals. That’s why we have Financial Advisors who are dedicated to helping you through those types of changes and are focused on helping you tackle the specific challenges you face when it comes to building wealth and achieving your long-term financial goals.

Despite significant progress in the legal landscape regarding same-sex marriage, LGBT individuals and couples still have unique needs when it comes to wealth management and retirement planning, and estate planning and asset transfers to heirs may still present challenges.

Our complimentary Estate Planning Guide For LGBT Individuals and Couples will walk you through basic and advanced estate planning strategies. It also provides a free estate planning organizer.

Our Financial Advisors who hold the Accredited Domestic Partnership AdvisorsSM designation have been trained and certified on key issues affecting same-sex couples and domestic partners. They are dedicated to providing you tailored investment planning solutions designed to help you feel powerful – not powerless – when it comes to achieving your financial goals.

Wells Fargo Advisors was the first in the industry to have Financial Advisors earn the Accredited Domestic Partnership AdvisorSM, or ADPA®, designation.

Select a state below to find a Financial Advisor who holds the ADPA® designation and can help you with your unique financial challenges.

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