Quicken® Alerts

Alert 1: Command Asset Program with Online BillPay

If you have a Command Asset Program and use Wells Fargo Advisors online Bill Pay, you should set up your account in Quicken with the 'Wells Fargo' bank name and download your account balance and transactions as part of your bank statement account download (not download as an investment account). This will avoid duplicate account information in your Quicken data file.

Alert 2: Initial Enrollment Delay

After you complete your Quicken access enrollment, it takes two business days before your account data will be available for download.

Alert 3: User Name/Password Issues

For your security, if your login credentials to Wells Fargo Advisors online services fails 3 times, your online Username and Password will be disabled. Please contact Wells Fargo Advisors online support at 1-877-879-2495 to re-activate your online Username and Password.

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