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Account Download FAQs

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about downloading account information using Quicken®.

How can I download my investment account information to Quicken®?
Go to the Accounts & Services tab, select Account Services, and then select Account Download. Select which accounts you would like to download, choose from the preset list of time periods, and then click the Download button. 

What versions of Quicken® support downloading my investment data?
Quicken® 2013, 2012, 2011 and Quicken® Essentials 2010.

What do I do if my software is non-compliant?
You will need to upgrade to a compliant version listed directly above. It is recommended that you upgrade to the newest version available because older versions are sunset each year.

What does it mean when my Quicken software version is being sunset?
As newer versions of Quicken are released from their software makers each year, their older versions are retired, or 'sunset', as the newer versions replace them. Once the older versions are sunset, the software makers no longer provide technical support for those versions. Consequently, download support can no longer be provided for sunset versions. Although the download capability to your old software should still work after the sunset date, please note that download support cannot be provided for the older version after the sunset date. If you are using a version that is announced to be sunset, it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest software version at your earliest convenience to prevent any interruption to your download service.

For more information on versions that are not longer supported, or to upgrade your software now, visit Quicken support.

How can I download my account information into Excel?
Under the Accounts & Services tab, select Account Services and then Account Download. From the Account Download page, select the Excel tab next to the Quicken tab. Next, select the account, the download basis (Holdings, Portfolio, or Realized Gains/Loss data) and the portfolio view (Holdings, Estimated Income, Unrealized Gains/Loss, or Annual Income) you wish to download. Click the Download button.

Can I download real-time account information?
No, you are able to download account information as of the previous day's market close (4:00 p.m. ET) for Balances, Positions (Portfolio), and Transactions (Activity).

Are open orders reflected as a transaction?
Quicken does not support open orders as an investment transaction category. Only executed orders are available for download.

When will securities and cash transaction activity be available to download?
Transaction activity will be available to download as of the trade date, not the settlement date, for securities and cash transactions.

Can I download my banking and investment data in one download?
No. Wells Fargo Advisors does not support this capability from the Account Download page.

What is the file format that is downloaded?
Your account information is downloaded using Open Financial Exchange protocol. The account download output will be in .QFX (Intuit products) file format.

How much history can I download?
History for your account will be available starting one business day after you enroll to download into Quicken. After the initial enrollment, your account history will continue to be added for download until 120 days of history is reached. After 120 days of history is reached, 120 days of history will be available for download on a rolling basis.

What are the date ranges of activity I can select to download at one time?
You have six date ranges to select from:

  • 4 Months (120 days)
  • 3 Months (90 Days)
  • 2 Months (60 Days)
  • 1 Month (30 Days)
  • 1 Week (7 Days)
  • 1 Day (1 Day)

If you make no selection, the default is two months.

If I download four months of data one day, and then download one month of data the next day, will I duplicate entries into Quicken?
No, (Quicken) will match downloaded information during the account reconciliation process and will only display transactions that have not been previously downloaded.

What type of Wells Fargo Advisors' accounts are available to download?

  • Standard brokerage accounts (including fee-based accounts)
  • Brokerage accounts with an associated Direct Deposit account. Please note that only the Brokerage account will be included in the download. An associated checking account will be considered a 'Banking Account' and will NOT be downloaded. If the Brokerage account has an established 'Cash' account, then cash transactions will show in the appropriate register.
  • Asset management accounts
  • IRAs (only those made up of brokerage products; Certificate of Deposit IRAs are excluded)

What brokerage Registration Types will be allowed for download?
The following Registration Types can be downloaded to a PFM:

  • Individual
  • JTWROS (Joint tenancy with right of survivorship)
  • Tenants in common
  • TOD (Transfer on death)
  • Estate
  • Charitable Organization
  • Corporation
  • Partnership
  • Custodial (UGMA/UTMA)

How do I read the Margin Balance?
A positive amount in the Margin Balance indicates a positive cash balance. A negative balance indicates that you have borrowed funds.

Why doesn't the Register balance match my brokerage statement?
Due to rounding, minor cash adjustments ($.01) may be necessary to balance the Register with your statement.

Why is Accrued Interest a negative number?
Money displays Accrued Interest as a negative number for both purchases and sales. No adjustment is necessary; the overall Cash Balance in the account should be correct.

Why doesn't the correct number of shares show in the Register and Portfolio sections?
In Quicken's account Register section, multiply the share amount by 100 and divide the price by 100; this corrects both the Register and Portfolio sections.