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Policy, Politics & Portfolios

Published March 19, 2024

What federal budget, regulatory, and trade decisions could mean for investors.

What’s at stake for investors in the 2024 elections

  • Democrats have a better map than Republicans to take the House, while Republicans should fare better in Senate races.
  • Close elections in Congress, another likely flip in party leadership in the chambers, and a tight White House race point us toward a strong preference not to adjust portfolios for any kind of election scenario at this time.

Presidential campaign platforms and market implications

  • Although the 2024 presidential race is shaping up to be a replay of 2020, the political and economic landscape has changed.
  • Rather than dwell on campaign promises and policy positions, investors should focus on issues with bipartisan support, including infrastructure spending and reshoring of manufacturing.

The economy, election campaigns, and portfolio strategy

  • While the state of the economy has always been a key focus during presidential election years, the unique features of this cycle make the path of growth and inflation even more pertinent than usual.
  • In our view, investors should look through election polls and campaign rhetoric to the more fundamental drivers of economic performance in developing portfolio strategy between now and early November.

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Investment Strategy Analyst
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