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Our Approach

Our approach to planning and advice centers on you. First, your advisor will take the time to understand what is important to you and your loved ones. From there, you will be provided an advice and planning experience that helps align your financial priorities with your values. We call this approach LifeSync®.

Tailored to you and your specific needs, your advisor will pull together the information, tools, and solutions you need to help you make the right decisions at just the right moments.

Five steps shown in a vertical list. The numbers for step 1 through 4 are in a circle. The number for step 5 is in a circle containing an arrow suggesting a return process. 1. Understand. What are the things I value most? 2. Plan. How can my money make the most impact? 3. Propose. What are my options and how do they play out? 4. Implement. What is my best next step? 5. Revisit. Am I still on track?

A modernized approach to advice

Our industry leading advice tools, technologies and resources help simplify the planning experience and allow you and your advisor to closely track to your desired outcomes.

Whether you're just starting your financial journey or comfortably on your way – a LifeSync experience can help you ask the right questions at the right time. What do you want to get done with your money? Experiencing LifeSync gives you the power to make the financial decisions that may have a lasting impact on your life.