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Account Services

If you’re looking to simplify your life, you’ll find Wells Fargo Advisors offers a variety of products and services to help make it easier to manage your investments.

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Powerful tools & helpful features

A convenient portal to your accounts that includes powerful tools and features that can help you stay on top of your entire investment portfolio, the markets, and the economy.

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Account information

Quick and in-depth views of your portfolio, accounts, and investments.

Powerful tools

  • Stock, mutual fund, exchange-traded fund (ETF), and bond screeners
  • Watchlists
  • Market alerts
  • Asset allocation comparison tool

Online documents

Access all your account documents online:

  • Account statements
  • Trade confirmations
  • Tax documents/1099s
  • Electronic delivery of shareholder communications

Designate or change your account’s Trusted Contact.

In-depth investment, market, and economic information

  • Real-time quotes
  • Company and mutual fund research
  • Market commentary and monitoring
  • Economic commentary and reports


Brokerage Cash Services

A powerful feature that connects your financial world

Wells Fargo Advisors’ Brokerage Cash Services is an enhanced brokerage feature that combines investing with easy access to digital banking providing seamless navigation between online banking, brokerage, transfers, and bill pay platforms with a sweep of cash balances. It enables access to online and mobile banking with mobile deposits1 including the ability to make online and mobile IRA contributions, access to Zelle℠, Bill Pay, online wires, transfers and direct deposit (i.e., annuity and Social Security payments and payroll deposits).

With Brokerage Cash Services, deposits to investment accounts can also be made with tellers at Wells Fargo branches. Deposits are processed through an associated limited-purpose Wells Fargo Bank account in your name.

Brokerage Cash Services creates an integrated relationship. It combines investing and financial management resources into an easy-to-manage account. It’s a comprehensive asset management feature that gives you the “big picture” of your finances by connecting your financial world:

  • Your investment accounts (brokerage, IRAs, trust accounts, etc.)
  • Financial management services2

It’s simple. It’s flexible. It’s designed for maximum convenience.


Cash sweep program

Helping ensure your money is accessible

Through Wells Fargo Advisors Cash Sweep program, clients may earn income on uninvested cash balances in their account. The Cash Sweep program consists of three distinct options:

  • Wells Fargo Advisors Standard Bank Deposit Sweep
  • Wells Fargo Advisors Expanded Bank Deposit Sweep
  • Money Market Fund Sweep

Eligibility is based on the type of investment account and nature of account ownership.

How our Bank Deposit Sweep Program works

With the Wells Fargo Advisors Bank Deposit Sweep, you can have up to $1,250,000 ($250,000 per depositor, per insured bank for each account) Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance for deposits in your Wells Fargo Advisors account when deposits are held at all five Program Banks in the Expanded Bank Deposit Sweep Program.

Additional information is contained in the Wells Fargo Advisors Sweep Features Eligibility (PDF) and the Cash Sweep Program Disclosure Statement (PDF).

FDIC insurance coverage for the Bank Deposit Program

Balances on deposit in the Bank Deposit Sweep Programs, together with any other of your deposits at the Program Banks, are insured by the FDIC, up to a maximum amount in accordance with the rules of the FDIC. Deposits (including principal and interest) at each of the Program Banks are eligible for federal deposit insurance up to $250,000. Different ownership categories of accounts are separately insured.

List of Participating Program Banks in the Bank Deposit Sweep Programs (PDF).

If you have other deposits at the Program Banks outside of the Bank Deposit Sweep Programs, you must aggregate all such deposits with your Bank Deposit Sweep Program balance for purposes of determining FDIC coverage. If your total funds on deposit at any Program Bank exceed the applicable FDIC insurance limit, the FDIC will not insure your funds in excess of the limit. Please note that you, and not Wells Fargo Advisors, are responsible for monitoring the total amount of your deposits at the Program Banks in order to determine the extent of FDIC insurance coverage available. If you expect to have total deposits at the Program Banks, including balances through the Standard Bank Deposit Sweep or Expanded Bank Deposit Sweep, that exceed FDIC insurance coverage limits, you should carefully consider whether you should arrange for the direct investment of amounts exceeding such coverage. To assist with calculating your aggregated deposits and the associated insurance coverage, the FDIC has an online Electronic Deposit Insurance Estimator available at

Please see the Cash Sweep Program Disclosure Statement (PDF) for more information on FDIC insurance coverage.


Brokered Liquid Deposit

Brokered Liquid Deposit provides liquidity and price stability, with a competitive yield for significant cash balances. With Brokered Liquid Deposit (BLD), you can manage your non-transactional cash needs, with a cash alternative that will complement your primary cash sweep balances as a position-traded insured cash vehicle. BLD is available for eligible Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage accounts and provides security, with the convenience of same day liquidity. Please see the Brokered Liquid Deposit Disclosure Statement (PDF) for more information or talk to your Financial Advisor.

1 Your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply.
2 Financial management services are offered by banking and non-banking affiliates of Wells Fargo & Company, including, but not limited to, Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. and divisions of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. is an affiliate of Wells Fargo Advisors and a subsidiary of Wells Fargo & Company.