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Investment Insights

A collection of weekly and monthly market research and investment strategy reports produced by Wells Fargo Investment Institute. These reports cover the global economy, equities, fixed income, real assets and alternative investments. The reports provide timely and clear investment recommendations that are easy to understand and implement.

Investment Strategy

Weekly market insights and possible impact on investors.

Chart of the Week

Weekly chart using economic data to address timely market topics.

In Depth

A deeper analysis of investment trends and topics across asset classes and global markets.

Reflation and portfolios

We believe a Democrat-controlled Congress is likely to boost fiscal spending, a key ingredient for reflation. Although all may not be back to normal by year-end, we expect the S&P 500 Index to reach record highs driven by the reflation theme. In this month’s video, Chris Haverland, CFA, Global Asset Allocation Strategist, explains which equity classes and sectors have often benefited from a “reflation trade.”

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