Policy, Politics & Portfolios

Updates and analysis from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on what federal budget, regulatory, and trade decisions could mean for investors.

November 2019

Ballooning Borrowing: The U.S. Deficit Challenge

A deeper look at 2019 federal spending and investor implications.

October 2019

Impeachment Inquiry and Shifting Political Landscapes

As an impeachment inquiry moves forward in the House of Representatives, major legislative items may face delay in Congress.

September 2019

Next-Gen Bonds, Next-Gen Networks

Wells Fargo Investment Institute shares its views on ultra-long Treasury bonds and reviews the impact of U.S.-China trade tensions on 5G mobile technology.

August 2019

Spending, Borrowing, and the Public Debt

What should investors know about the recent spending deal and federal debt level?

July 2019

Debt, Democrats, and Dollars

Insights on the debt ceiling agreement, 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, and U.S. currency policy.