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Policy, Politics & Portfolios

Updates and analysis from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on what federal budget, regulatory, and trade decisions could mean for investors.

November 2021

Implications of energy policy for today and tomorrow

The future of energy in the U.S. may be green, but it will not be a speedy transition.

October 2021

Waiting for Congress: What to look for in taxes, spending

Added budget deficits from the two spending bills now under consideration are a double-edged sword for the economy and the financial markets.

October 2021

The narrowing path to legislative success

The Senate has voted to extend the debt ceiling through early December. Here’s what it may mean for investors.

September 2021

Present and future directions of fiscal policy

What investors should know about post-pandemic federal health care policy, the debt ceiling, and unspent COVID-19 relief.

September 2021

Investment implications of a new debt ceiling debate

Investors should brace themselves for potential market turbulence as Congress debates a debt ceiling resolution.

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