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Policy, Politics & Portfolios

Updates and analysis from Wells Fargo Investment Institute on what federal budget, regulatory, and trade decisions could mean for investors.

August 2021

Prospective policy changes don’t dent a strong economy

Wells Fargo Investment Institute discusses what investors should know about Fed tapering, the administration’s focus on anticompetition, and the expanded child tax credit.

July 2021

A brief look at some domestic and foreign policies

What could be the investment implications of anticompetitive and cybersecurity policies and renewed interest in U.S. global leadership?

June 2021

A strong economy brings new policies, revises others

A look at three key components of the economic recovery — the labor market, inflation, and infrastructure financing.

June 2021

Potential opportunities as Congress weighs infrastructure

Biden’s proposed plan would reach across a vast spectrum of sectors and industries.

May 2021

China makes opportunities and challenges in Asia

The pandemic accelerated existing U.S-China tensions. What should investors know?

May 2021

The Biden administration at the 100-day mark

How may President Biden’s actions and proposals during his first 100 days affect the economy and, ultimately, investors?

May 2021

U.S. investors weigh proposed tax increases (part 2)

Why Wells Fargo Investment Institute is skeptical that corporate tax rates will rise to the 28% rate proposed by the Biden administration.

May 2021

U.S. investors weigh proposed tax increases (part 1)

What might the president’s proposed $1.8 trillion fiscal package mean for investors?

April 2021

Recovery amid a strained global trade system

What trade with China under the Biden administration, supply-chain shifts, and vaccine diplomacy may mean for investors.

April 2021

The president’s latest fiscal proposals

How might the president’s proposed $2.25 trillion fiscal package be funded, what are the highlights, and what may that mean for investors?

March 2021

Budget reconciliation is a key for financial markets

As the Biden administration moves beyond its first 100 days, what should investors know?

February 2021

A new administration: first take on the first 100 days

Attention soon will be shifting to the president’s $3.3 trillion tax plan.

January 2021

New leaders, new policies – potential impact on markets?

The Biden economic team signals a new set of trade-offs for investors.

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