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Wealth Management for Sports and Entertainment Professionals

There’s an entirely different playbook at this level

As a professional athlete or entertainer, you’ve fulfilled a dream many have but few actually realize. You’ll have opportunities most never will — and challenges most will never face. And because you’ve earned your wealth in such a unique manner, the ways in which you preserve it need to match.

Your wealth needs a team too

Every financial situation is different, tied solely to the experiences of the individual. And when it comes to sports and entertainment professionals, even more so. That’s why you need a team who not only understands you and your goals, but can go further. With Wells Fargo, you’ll get access to expertise tailored to your individual needs.

  • Exceptional service, attending to every detail and crafting a plan tailored to your desired outcomes
  • Experienced professionals across multiple financial sectors for specialized guidance
  • Custom solutions addressing your needs — and yours alone
  • Premium benefits providing access to select experiences and privileges

Specialized services. And the pros that deliver them.

Offered by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

No matter where in your career you are or what your goals might be — right now or down the road — we have services covering the entire spectrum of wealth management.

Comprehensive Wealth Planning

Wealth management planning to help gain access to services and solutions that address your goals around preserving wealth, building assets, and leaving a lasting legacy.

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Family Wealth and Culture Services

Working with individuals, couples, and families to provide education around transitioning wealth across generations and providing specialized advisory services.

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Trust Services

Help protect your loved ones by partnering with specialists to craft a custom plan to help simplify administrative tasks, ease wealth transfer, transfer taxes, and maintain your family's harmony and vision for the future.

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Philanthropic Planning

Clarifying values and defining a vision and mission for intentional charitable giving, leveraging resources, and creating a comprehensive plan to maximize impact and legacy by providing education and best practices for philanthropic strategies.

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Off the shelf isn’t on the table

Your priorities are your own. As are your values. LifeSync® is our advice and planning experience — tailored to you — that helps you align your financial priorities with your values and make the right decisions at the right moments, no matter where in life those moments happen. Because managing your wealth isn’t just about maximizing your money. It’s about maximizing its impact.

The five stages of the LifeSync experience help you identify what you value most, and how your money can help you make the most of what you value:

  1. Understand: What are the things that you value most?
  2. Plan: How can your money make the most impact?
  3. Propose: What are your options and how do they play out?
  4. Implement: What is your next best step?
  5. Revisit: Are you still on track?
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When looking forward means giving back

So many of our clients want to share their good fortune by giving back to a particular community or organization that holds a special place for them. Putting your money where your heart is can be incredibly rewarding and transformative for both you and the next generation.

Wells Fargo's philanthropy team will help you make a measurable impact and meet your philanthropic objectives. We provide services to individuals, families, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and endowments, including:

  • Assistance with understanding the various philanthropic vehicles
  • Guidance in establishing your philanthropic vision, values, and mission statement
  • Access to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing options to further your philanthropy
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