Family Conversations

Financial conversations with family can be positive and productive if approached with the right attitude and an action plan.

Teaching Your Children About Money

Teaching kids about money early can help set the stage for good personal finance habits as they grow. Here are some ideas for getting started.

Adult Kids and Money Problems

Success in getting your children to listen to what you’ve learned from your money struggles over the years may hinge on how you approach the conversation.

Talking About Estate Plans

Have you talked with your family about your estate plan? See how that discussion can be part of controlling what happens to you.

Discussing Investments With Your Spouse

Though you and your spouse or partner may not share the same viewpoints about how to invest your money, it’s important you talk about it.

Many families grew up not talking about money, treating the subject as a very private affair. It’s not unusual for people to feel uncomfortable bringing up money, because they were never taught how to talk about it themselves.

Learn how effective communication and shared decision-making can help provide financial clarity and a sense of security when talking with family members of any age.

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