Technology and Human Expertise

The best of both worlds

You answer our quick, online questionnaire. Our smart technology recommends an investment portfolio, then monitors, rebalances, and takes care of the trading in your Intuitive InvestorSM account.

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It’s not just robo-investing

With an Intuitive Investor account, you get the efficiencies of without sacrificing the service and guidance you expect from Wells Fargo Advisors. We integrate smart technology with our human investment expertise and service model.

Learn more about Intuitive Investor accounts by reviewing our FAQs and fee schedule (PDF).

Smart technology

Based on your questionnaire responses, our technology recommends an investment portfolio for you. Then it invests your initial and ongoing investments, places all trades, and handles the day-to-day monitoring and rebalancing of your Intuitive Investor account — automatically keeping your asset allocation within a targeted range.

Backed by experts

The experts at Wells Fargo Investment Institute built and maintain 9 asset allocation models, each with varied weights in 8 – 11 asset class segments. Then they carefully select individual to fulfill the recommended asset allocation within each .

Learn more about the work of the Wells Fargo Investment Institute and the overall Intuitive Investor account approach to building portfolios (PDF).

Ongoing support

Unlike many other digital investing products, Intuitive Investor accounts provide a team of Financial Advisors to answer your investment questions and provide guidance. We also offer 24/7 account support and will remind you each quarter to review

Our team of Financial Advisors is available by phone Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Eastern Time, to discuss your portfolio. For example, they can help you understand:

  • Why your portfolio was recommended for you
  • Your account’s performance compared to the performance of the broader market
  • What to do when your financial situation changes

Example questions that help determine the most strategic portfolio of investments for you.

Example question: What do you want most from your investments?

Getting started

Our technology will select your investment portfolio based on your responses to our online questionnaire.

The questionnaire addresses your goal investment and time frame for the money you want to invest, as well as your comfort level with investment risk.

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Questions about Intuitive Investor accounts?

Read our FAQs or call us at 1-855-283-5566, Monday – Friday, from 8:30 am – 9:30 pm, or Saturday, from 10:30 am – 7:00 pm Eastern Time.


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